Tuesday 1 February 2011

Ways to discover ALLAH SWT

The real tittle of this lesson is "At-Thaariqu lima'rifatillah". 

There are 2 ways people use to discover ALLAH SWT. The first one is by observing anything that can be sense (aayatul kauwniyah). Unfortunatelly human senses have limitation to explain phenomenas that happen in this life. Somehow they will end up searching for the rest of their life or stop searching. Usually they become "non-beliver"/kuffar. 

The second way is looking for ALLAH SWT through observing (or sensing) life phenomenon/universe (al-aayatul kawniyah), and try to look for  further explanation from Alquran & Al-Hadits (al-aayatul qawliyah). 

Alquran and hadits will help human to understand many phenomenon that can not be explain or understand .

That's why ikhwah fillah, if you already make friends with Alquraan & Alhadits, try to share the joy with others, we have obligation to share the joy of islam to the world so life will be better for all of us.

Wallahu a'laam bis shawaab

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