Wednesday 2 February 2011

it's the wifes...

This morning we had a walk, routine exercise we usually do everytime we had a chance. And somehow our conversation during the walk shift to polygamy. My wife told me about several polygamy "cases" which end up with happy ending and sad ending.
After several long minutes listen to her, she asked for my opinion.
So I replied, and among the answer is " know honey, i agreed with my ustadz (spirtual mentor), it's the wifes who's incredible, imagine a husbad who have to work and then when he go back at home he also have to "work" again: sharing the attention to wifes and kids, educate them, cheer them up, support they needs,etc, can u imagine that? If the wifes are not good-incredible women, the husband will have short life, suffer caused by the pressure outside and at home, the children will have bad stigma about their parents, and you can imagine the rest...
And my "short"answer stoped because we realized that we walk too far from our usual track, that's mean we have to "climb" back way home. Heavy sweat during the way back, so i suggest to my wife, it will be better next time we walk again, "let's just talk about foods" :D

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